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If You're Not Using iCloud, You're Missing Out

Anyone who owns an Apple device, whether it's your iPhone, your iPad or your Mac, needs to know how to use the iCloud. Once you've set it up and started using it, you'll wish that you had done it sooner. It makes your life easier and protects your digital "stuff." The latest versions of your contacts, photos, documents and other information that matters to you will always be available on any of your Apple devices.

Do You Have to Own an Apple Device to Use iCloud?

No. Here's one of the most interesting icloud tips. It's not even necessary to own an Apple device in order to make use of iCloud (although of course Apple hopes that you decide to buy one of their wonderful products in the future). Anyone can have web-only access to iCloud at in order to create and share documents. Included with web-only access is 1 GB of free document storage.

So, Just What is iCloud?

If you're still wondering just what is icloud, it's simply an online storage service. It's true that there are other online storage services available, but iCloud offers some real advantages for anyone who loves Apple, especially if they own more than one Apple device (which tends to happen after someone has purchased their first iDevice). Fortunately, it's easier to setup and use iCloud than anyone would think. Some people find Apple's instruction guide a little confusing.

Store everything in one safe place and access the most current version from any Apple device or Windows PC. Create new files and folders with iCloud-enabled apps and then continue to work on these files. There are multiple apps available to let you do just about anything.

It's Easy to Access iCloud

To use iCloud, all you need to do is to:

Make sure that you have updated to at least iOS 8 or higher.

Enable iCloud by tapping iCloud, signing in with your Apple ID and selecting the services you want to enable.

Once enabled, content will be synced and available on any connected device.

Select your storage plan. 5GB is free. Increased storage ranging from 50GB to 1TB is available by subscription.

Access files on whatever, whenever, wherever as long as you have internet access.

Learn more about the many features at what is in icloud account. As is true with most Apple products, there always seem to be "hidden" features that are discovered later on, making you wish you'd known about them earlier.

Some Must-Have Features of iCloud

iCloud will back up your iOS devices daily

Locate a lost or stolen iPhone, Mac or other iDevice

Stream your photos

New iBooks will be pushed to and sync with your iPhone or iPad

iCloud backs up and syncs your apps

Visit to learn more about iCloud and get some great iCloud tips. Make the most of your Apple devices and protect your information. You'll be glad you did.